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İlköğretim 4-5-6-7-8 Sınıf İngilizce Performans Ödevi Konuları 2013 İngilizce Proje Ödevleri İndir

İlköğretim 4-5-6-7-8 Sınıf İngilizce Performans Ödevi Konuları 2013 İngilizce Proje Ödevleri İndirmek isteyen öğrencilere özel hazırlanan İngilizce Performans ve Proje Ödev Konuları içeriği 4.sınıf, 5.sınıf, 6.sınıf, 7.sınıf ve 8.sınıf ingilizce performans konuları dosyalarından ibarettir.

4/5/6/7/8 İngilizce Performans Konuları 2013

Açıklama: ingilizce performans konuları 4/5/6/7/8
Açıklama: İngilizce Performans Konuları dosyası, 8. Sınıf Performans ve Proje Görevleri bölümünde       bulunmaktadır. 4/5/6/7/8 İngilizce Performans Konuları Eğitimhane, 4/5/6/7/8 İngilizce Performans Konuları indir.

Müfredat programına paralel olarak üniteler bazında “Task” olarak belirtilen  aşağıdaki konular performans ödevi olarak belirlenmiştir. 


Creating short conversations with finger puppets.
Preparing a mini poster using photographs of their family members (draw, color, cut)
Labeling the body parts.
Imagining a room, drawing and coloring it, and writing the names of the objects
Observing a pet and imitating it.
Making their own timetable
Making a clock


Making a list showing the birthdays of their family members
Identifying physical state
Preparing a poster showing weather conditions in each season
Drawing the picture of your favourite toy
Choosing a cartoon character and dressing him / her up
Filling out a passport application form


Following written instructions to colour a flag, finding and writing the name of the country that the flag belongs it.
Constructing a model to show basic geographical features of their region.
Writing the rules of their classroom
Preparing the price list of the items sold in the stationary store.
Ticking the given checklist about their abilities (e.g. I cam jump a 100 times. YES NO)
Making a list of your likes ( 10 food items) and dislikes (10 food items)

Decoding the secret message with the clues given in the key word. Then forming their own secret message with the same symbol system.
Predicting what people on a farm like doing in the given Picture
Preparing a poster of your favourite cartoon character to Express his/her likes and dislikes
Drawing pictures of five tools used by different professionals. Writing whose they are
Finding out a home remedy for the given illness and writing it down
Finding the differences between the given pictures.


 Creating a family tree of imaginary characters.
 Preparing a poster about their favourite cartoon characters’ likes and dislikes
 Drawing a fruit and vegetable basket. Showing and telling it in the class
 Making a list of their daily activities
 Finding a staff member. Interviewing him/her. Writing about him.
 Choosing a region or country. Finding out the weather conditions there in different seasons.     
 Preparing a poster to start a hygiene campaign.
 Preparing an invitation card for an imaginary party

Finding an interesting animal and introducing it.
Preparing posters and a speech bubble about living beings
Giving a presentation about animals.
Preparing cards for a miming game
Finding traffic signs. Writing what they mean. Poster will be displayed in the classroom
Finding a Picture showing life style in the past. Writing a paragraph explaining it.
Finding the names of their national holidays in English and writing them down.
Changing the given mathematical problem into a cartoon strip story.
Doing an experiment on changing a matter and writing the steps of the experiment.
Finding pictures showing different cultures.


Finding out and making a list of the sun signs of their family members
Preparing a poster to attract tourists to their area
Designing an environment-friendly means of public transport.
Preparing a draft for the home page of their personal website.
Designing and advertising their technological device.
Choosing their favourite character from a TV series and writing an imaginary biography of him / her or a poem for him / her
Choosing an old family photograph of theirs and giving information about those days.
Thinking and deciding what the most important invention / discovery is for them.


Changing the end of a tale / legend and writing it down.
Finding a Picture showing life style in the past. Writing a short paragraph explaining it.
Examining the word list which covers terms related to technology. Finding their meanings /synonyms/antonyms.
Preparing a poster to promote animal rights and to raise social awareness about animals.
Finding a photo of someone whom they would like to change. Showing the changes they would make.
Doodling (or drawing) their feelings-one negative, one positive


Making a list of the qualities of their ideal friend.
Making a list of the language activities in their coursebook that they like most.
Creating their ideal man / woman by collage. Cutting pictures from famous people’s pictures. describing them.
Playing soft music and visualizing themselves in their dream location. Then drawing the scene they have imagined.
Imagining that one of the characters from the Independence War has come to the present. introducing him.
Reading the given a detective story and trying to solve the case.
Preparing a questionnaire about personal experiences.
Comparing the two pictures given and finding the differences by saying what the person has or hasn’t done.


Finding the date of an important invention and writing a sentence expressing how long humans have had it.
Choosing a character from the story they have read and drawing his / her Picture
Setting 5 personal goals fort he coming 5 years.
Thinking a person who is important for them. Writing down 3-5 strengths of his /hers
Preparing their campaign poster to nominate the ideal language learner in their class.
Problem solving(their ship is sinking and they can take only 5 things with them to a nearby Island. They are asked to write the things they want to take with them and stating their reasons.
Examining the giving timetable showing the activities by an animation team. Stating their preferences for one day.
For one day ( or morning / evening, etc.) changing roles with their parents or siblings


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